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There are many reasons to go on a diet, and some are better than others. Boosting your overall health and decreasing your risk of disease or complications are the best reasons to change your diet, and whether you want to lose weight, build strength, feel energized or avoid illness, it's important to know what kind of diet you're getting into. You'll find a variety of enticing fad diets out there, some offering grand promises. Instead of beginning a drastic diet change with the hope of seeing immediate results, consider the advantages of trusted and tested types of diet that are designed to reach specific, reasonable goals.

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Special Diets for Every Health Goal

While rest and exercise are important, a diet change is the safest and quickest route to better health for many people. A diabetes diet, for instance, is crucial for a diabetic but is also great for anyone who wants to improve their organ function and maintain a healthy weight. Of course, some diets are targeted toward very specific ailments—the acid reflux diet or gout diet will help sufferers overcome their illness and discomfort, but these may not be an appropriate diet for the average person.

Generally, the healthiest diets will be those that work over the long-term to decrease blood pressure, avoid allergies, correct imbalances and maintain low cholesterol levels. They should be sustainable, versatile and delicious enough to carry on for more than just a couple of weeks, so consider your nutritional needs, your lifestyle and your taste in food when deciding on the right diet for you.

Safe and Effective Diet Programs

In some cases, the implementation and the duration of the diet will determine whether it is good or bad. Take the cabbage soup diet, which prescribes a very strict meal plan for no longer than one week. If you stick to the plan for seven days, it's a relatively healthy way to shed pounds fast; any longer and you can quite quickly fall into a nutrient deficiency or severe fatigue. Regardless of the diet, you'll want to pay close attention to the guidelines and any advice that will help you follow it properly.

Starting a macrobiotic diet can be trickier than it seems, as the specific preparations and combinations of the primary grains and secondary foods will make all the difference. In contrast, the carbohydrate lover diet is fairly easy to begin, as long as you're able to distinguish protective carbohydrates from bad carbohydrates. Ultimately, any diet is only as effective as your willpower is strong; find a diet that isn't a chore to follow, and you'll be able to obtain and maintain a healthy lifestyle and body weight well into the future.

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