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Cleansing the organs is central to the detoxification diet, as it's believed that toxin build-up in the body's tissues will slow all the vital processes that keep you healthy. For that reason, a detoxification diet will concentrate on cleaning from the inside out—you can expect the careful balance of different foods and clarifying supplements to target your colon, kidneys and liver in order to return full function. Learn what foods and habits the detoxification diet will demand and what physical effects you can expect before you decide whether or not a detox diet plan is right for you. Take a look through diet books, or find free detox diet plans online.

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Why Choose a Detoxification Diet?

Certain toxins are byproducts of normal functions: the breakdown of protein produces ammonia, alcohol is converted to acetate and other fuel sources introduce other chemicals into the body. In addition to the healthy or seemingly neutral things you consume, there are unwelcome environmental elements that test the body's filtering ability—smoke, pollution, cleaners and pesticides are just a few of the many harmful substances that your organs must deal with. While the body is equipped to filter and expel many of these toxins, certain lifestyles are more prone to toxin accumulation which leads to illness and discomfort.

If you work in particularly unhealthy conditions, often eat poorly or lead a sedentary lifestyle, you may want to help out your organs by going on a detox diet for a short while. If your current diet lacks certain nutrients or your systems are suffering from lack of exercise, you may find that you grow tired, weak, irritable and uncomfortable fairly regularly; the main goal of a detox diet is to improve immune function and hormone balance, aid in proper digestion, increase metabolism and mental focus, and help clear up the skin.

The Best Detox Diet for You

From the three-day detox diet to the 21-day detox diet, there are a variety of formulas to rid your body of clogging chemicals, and most will bring some welcome improvements. Many of the same elements and effects of a detox diet are found in other healthy diets, such as the heart diet—the focus on "clean" foods, high-fiber dishes and plenty of water in place of fatty dishes and alcohol will naturally be better for the organs. What sets most detox diets apart from other plans is the incorporation of specific herbs, supplements and alternative therapies along with a strict diet.

It's a good idea to begin with a gentle detox diet, like a fruit and vegetable juice plan that doesn't require you to take strong supplements. A raw food diet is also a good way to begin the detoxification process, though expect some discomfort if your body is not used to digesting high amounts of raw vegetables and grains. Other, more extreme, diets will challenge your willpower and your physical composition—the lemonade detox diet is a good example, as you will rely solely on a specific lemonade concoction and a laxative tea for anywhere from four days to two weeks. With any detox diet plan, it's important to first check with your doctor to make sure it's healthy and appropriate for your body.

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