Dieting for Weight Loss the Healthy Way

Diet and weight loss tips for sustainable results

The abundance of diets floating around the Internet, in magazines and on the bestseller lists will tempt you with their promises of extraordinary weight loss, but can these diets really be trusted? For many who have struggled to lose weight and keep it off, any new diet plan is another chance to reach their ideal weight, but bouncing from one weight-loss diet to another can be physically and emotionally exhausting. Learn about how some of the most popular diets work, and which ones will return the best results before you begin to experiment with weight loss menu plans that could leave you unsatisfied.

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Facts about Short-term and Long-term Weight Loss

It should come as no surprise that the best way to lose weight and keep it off is with a long-term diet plan that you'll be able to stick to. Of course, that's not always as simple as it sounds—it can be very difficult to stick to something that gives no immediate results. An appealing alternative is to opt for a specialized crash diet that promises noticeable weight loss quickly, even if it mean sacrificing taste and energy for the duration.

The key to losing weight is burning more calories than you consume; the key to keeping off the weight is a healthy diet and lifestyle change. When comparing diets, consider what they're intended to accomplish: certain popular crash diets, like the three-day diet or a plan based on diet drinks, are meant for quick, extreme weight loss for the short term, while the popular Dr Oz weight loss diet rests on healthy nutrition guidelines that should become permanent fixtures in your diet plan. Both can be equally effective, though they require a different commitment and will bring different health benefits.

Helpful Diet and Weight Loss Tips and Plans

While some diets that focus on one food group can lead to weight loss, they'll likely also bring some unwelcome side effects. For instance, a ketogenic diet for weight loss, like the Atkins diet, will lead to a leaner physique by eliminating all carbohydrates and sugars. However, once your body goes into the fat-burning mode that's known as ketosis, you can become very fatigued, weak and malnourished. A better alternative is the South Beach diet meal planner, which modifies the ketogenic diet by permitting some carbohydrates after the first couple of weeks and limiting the amount of saturated fat you can eat.

Don't discount the value of common sense and the free advice of nutritionists when comparing healthy, long-term diets, as you can create a free, easy-to-follow diet plan with a bit of thought, research and self-discipline. A good place to start is with an accurate assessment of your activity level and current calorie consumption. Next, consult a calorie tracker or food chart online to help you compose a healthy, low-calorie diet that will allow you to lose weight without sacrificing energy, taste or heart health.

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