Understanding the signs of addiction

Addiction, whether it's an addiction to smoking, drugs, alcohol, gambling or any other harmful activity or substance, can be an extremely difficult thing to overcome. For addicts themselves, the process involves not only physical detoxification or withdrawal, but also mental exploration to help get to the root of the problem.

Families of addicts may also have a difficult time. Often, addicts don't just harm themselves but also harm those close to them through the negative symptoms associated with addiction. However, family and friends can play a significant role in the success of addiction treatment because they act as a support system for the addict throughout his or her recovery.

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Addiction Symptoms

Of the many different types of addiction, there are symptomatic behaviors that are shared between them all—some signs of pill addiction may be the same as alcoholism or drug addiction, for example. These common symptoms include:

Many additional symptoms, such as sweating, fever, anxiety, skin problems and weight loss or gain, may be present as well, depending on the type and severity of addiction.

Addiction Treatment

While the type of addiction treatment will be determined on an individual basis, the methods below have all proven helpful in treating addicts:

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