Warning signs and treatment options for depression

Many people suffer from depression at different points in their lives—the loss of a loved one, loss of a job, divorce and many other life changes can all trigger periods of depression. Generally, these periods are only temporary, and with time people can move beyond them.

In some cases, however, depression is more than just a temporary setback. For some, the condition can be ongoing, with no discernible cause. Rather than getting better, the depression gets worse until it becomes engrained in the sufferer's life and self-image. It's in these cases where professional treatment of depression becomes necessary.

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Depression Symptoms

Although depression sufferers will experience different symptoms, some common signs of the condition include:

Depression can also be a symptom of other serious conditions, such as bipolar disorder or addiction, so it's important that sufferers get medical help immediately.

Depression Treatment

There are plenty of free depression help resources available online that can get you started in understanding your condition, but treatment for depression often requires professional medical help, such as:

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