Breathing Problems

Treatment for coughing, wheezing and other problems

Difficulty breathing can be a frightening thing. It can be a symptom of something extremely minor, such as fatigue, stress or a cold, or it can be caused by a serious medical condition that will require treatment. If you experience difficulty breathing, and the condition doesn't pass in a comfortable amount of time, you should seek medical help immediately and describe your symptoms to your doctor.

The symptoms of breathing problems are widespread, so it's important to be as detailed as possible when telling your doctor about them. Provide information on your lifestyle, substances you may have been exposed to and other relevant information about your life to help the doctor find the cause and subsequent treatment of your breathing problem.

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Breathing Problem Symptoms

There are many different conditions that have breathing problems as a symptom, and the breathing problem itself can present in many different ways. Frequency, texture, noise and whether there is pain associated with your breathing are all relevant factors in determining your condition. Common symptoms include:

Breathing Problem Treatments

Determining the cause of the breathing problem is the first step in finding a treatment. Symptoms such as wheezing and becoming short of breath may be caused by asthma, which is one of the most common breathing conditions. Asthma is generally treated with steroids and other medications taken through an inhaler.

Allergies are another common breathing problem that can present similar to asthma with wheezing and shortness of breath. These can be treated by avoiding the allergens or through over-the-counter medication.

The remedy for coughing, if that is the symptom, can be a bit more challenging. Coughing can be caused by a simple cold. The causes of chronic coughing can be more serious, such as pleurisy or pneumonia. Treatment may simply include waiting the cough out, or may require treating the condition with antibiotics or through other measures.

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