Anti-Aging Treatments - Myths Vs. Reality

Fact or Fiction? Closely Examining Anti-Aging Products

Anti-aging products come with a lot of promises. Which can you really trust? Here's a quick examination of some of the most popular anti-aging myths.

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Fiction: The most expensive creams are the most effective.

Fact: It's all about the ingredients. One popular compound is something called tretinoin, and it's used in everything from generic lotions to high-end, prescription-only facial treatments. When it comes to anti-aging products, pay more attention to the label than the price.

Fiction: The right products can make you look 20 again.

Fact: A certain amount of skin damage is simply inevitable after a long life of laughter, sun exposure and natural aging. You can reduce the deepness of wrinkles, and some products can even lighten age spots into nothingness. But the underlying spot is still there. The wrinkles have still formed. There's simply nothing you can do to completely wipe away the aging of your skin.

Fiction: You can't use face cream on the rest of your body.

Fact: There's nothing wrong with applying anti-aging cream wherever you need it. It just gets expensive, that's all. But if you want to suck the color out of that varicose vein on your calf, there's nothing risky or unhealthy about using your age spot cream somewhere other than your face.

Fiction: Anti-aging products will dry out your skin.

Fact: While some people notice redness or flaking after using anti-aging products, it has more to do with their skin type than any inherent flaw in the treatment. Many anti-aging products have exfoliating properties, and those can cause dryness or itchiness with sensitive skin if the person doesn't use moisturizer as well.

Fiction: You should use multiple anti-aging products for the best results.

Fact: Moderation is the key to everything, especially if certain products may cause irritation when combined. For example, if you use a heavily exfoliating face wash on the same day you use dry-out strips to yank oils out of your T-zone, you're just asking for dry, over-treated skin.

Fiction: Results are permanent.

Fact: You should keep using your anti-aging products even after they've achieved the desired results. Remember your old friend tretinoin? It's meant to be used long-term, rejuvenating and revitalizing your skin even as new wrinkles try to appear.

So there you have it. There's a lot of mystery around anti-aging products, but hopefully these facts have shed a little light on the cosmetic aisle. Good luck with your next shopping trip!

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