Botox and Frown Lines

What Is the Deal with Botox - Safe or Not?

Many people on the fence about the procedure wonder whether or not the procedure is safe or not. There has much discussion over whether or not Botox is actually safe or not. Research indicates that Botox is relatively safe for most people.

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Botox skin complications

Research published in the JAMA Dermatology indicates that only 1 percent of cases consist of bruising, discoloration and lumpiness. The article evaluated the safety risks associated with facial fillers and some of the most common cosmetic procedures like laser skin treatment. Data was collected over three months from 20,000 procedures completed by 23 dermatologists. According to research, over 48 adverse events were recorded. For skin procedures, only 13 reported complications involving redness and skin darkening. It was estimated that 25 complications involving lumps and skin discoloration were reported.

What are the most common complications?

Although serious complications are rare, individuals can expect side effects following the procedure. Headaches can often occur following the procedure. It isn't uncommon for people to report flu-like symptoms. Ptosis is a common condition that occurs when the eyelids droop, and this occurs in approximately 5 percent of cases.

Other uses for Botox

Although it is primarily used for cosmetic reasons, it can also be used for health conditions as well. Botox has been successfully used for treating other conditions. Studies have revealed that it could be helpful in treating those with overactive bladder. If the person has issues with excessive perspiration, Botox injections can be used to control the problem. Any person involved in an accident who may be experiencing whiplash symptoms can have injections to relax the muscles. Migraine sufferers get relief in targeting neurotransmitters believed to be responsible for the condition. In those suffering from depression, 47 of patients saw a reduction in symptoms in a Journal of Psychiatric Research study.

Botox is a common procedure. Decades of use has perfected the procedure, making it extremely safe for those interested in having the procedure. Complications are rare, and most side effects following the procedure disappear within hours. Consulting with a physician prior to having the procedure beforehand to review all of the risks can help patients make a decision about the procedure.

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