Frown Line Factors

Frown lines are vertical lines between the eyebrows and are also known as glabellar lines. They are caused by repeated movement of facial skin by the muscles beneath skin that has had its collagen and elastic mix broken down. The movement can be frowning, squinting or even smiling. The effects are usually seen over a long period of time but age is not the primary cause. Genetics, sun exposure, poor diet and/or smoking contribute strongly to damaged skin. Sun exposure is a major component and a key factor here.

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Frown lines begin to develop after the damage to the skin has been significant enough. Think of it as a very soft high quality leather belt. When it is new it appears as if it would last forever. Movement alone would have a modest effect on the appearance of the leather. If you injure or thin that leather belt with an intense light over time the effect of repeated movement would be somewhat traumatizing. The amount of movement and exposure usually determines the severity of the damage. Add things like stress, smoking and/or poor eating habits and the effect increases. An overall healthy lifestyle provides benefits to the inside as well as the outside of the body.

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