Prevent Frown Lines

Stop Those Frown Lines Before They Start

Laugh lines aren't the only thing showing up on faces as people age; frown lines are just as prevalent and bothersome. These pesky wrinkles show up between the eyebrows and can cause you to look angry or bothered even when you're not. The two most basic causes of frown lines are facial expressions that utilize those muscles and sun exposure, which causes skin to lose its elasticity, exacerbating lines that are already there and causing more. To stop frown lines before they start, here are some helpful tips.

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Natural Frown Line Prevention Tips

The least expensive prevention treatment for frown lines is natural. Here are some to keep in mind:

Other Frown Line Prevention Tips

There are other ways you can stop frown lines in their tracks. Here are some of the best:

By using these tips for stopping frown lines before they start, you'll be on the way to a healthier, more vibrant look. It's a good idea to talk with your doctor or dermatologist before trying any new creams or lotions.

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