Eye Liner Styles

How to Change Your Whole Look By Changing Your Eyeliner

An easy way to change up your entire makeup look without spending a lot of money is to use different eyeliner styles. Lining just your upper or lower lashlines instead of both, experimenting with shapes, and using different colors of liner can bring a totally different style to your your look. Check out the list below for some fun eyeliner styles to try for different occasions and outfits.

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1. Arabian (or Arabic)

Arabian style eyeliner will give you a stunning and dramatic eye look for special occasions. To do it, thickly line both upper and lower lashlines, then connect them and extend them past the corners of the eye out into a thick cat-eye shape. This look is best achieved with dark or bright colors (especially deep black) in a gel, liquid, or kohl liner.

2. Winged (or Cat-Eye)

Winged eyeliner is one of the most popular and versatile eyeliner styles. To achieve it, use a gel or liquid liner on top lids and draw the line past the outer corners of the eyes. The difference from the Arabian look is that you only line your upper lashline instead of both. This look is great because you can make the line thick or thin, short or long, straight or angled. It also looks fun in colors like deep purple and navy as well as black.

3. Dark Underline

For a unique, more high-fashion look, try drawing a thick line along just the bottom lashes, preferably with a dark pencil. It will make your eyes pop in a way no other look does. Because this look is a bit harsh, make the rest of your makeup more simple and natural to make your eyes the focus.

4. Double Wings

Once you've mastered the art of the winged eyeliner look, try your hand at two wings! Follow the same lining steps as before, but make one wing at a high angle and the other more straight out from the corner of your eye. This look works best with a thick, dark, black line. For even more definition, draw a small line of white eyeliner between the wings to separate them.

5. Ombre

If you're craving a more fun, colorful eyeliner style, try an ombre effect. Start by lining your inner corner with white, then using darker and darker shades as you draw the line along your top lashes. You can make this look super dramatic with blues or purples, classy with neutrals like browns or pinks, or sultry with greys and black. To make this look even more unique, draw the lines along your bottom lashes instead.

6. Painted-On Lashes

If you're looking for a really dramatic style, this is the one for you. Using a black gel or cream liner, thickly line your entire eye. Then, use your eyeliner brush to paint giant sun ray shapes to look like lashes. Make sure they follow the angles of your real lashes, so paint top ones upward and outward and bottom ones shorter and downward.

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