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5 Eye Makeup Essentials to Have in Your Beauty Bag

They say that your eyes are the windows to your soul. If this is the case, you surely need to make sure your eyes are always looking the best they possibly can. For women, this means having a few essential pieces of eye makeup in your beauty bag.

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1. Eye Primer

Before you start making up your eyes with colorful and shiny shadows and liners, you must use a lid primer. Many women skip using an eye primer on their eyes before they apply makeup, and this is a true mistake.

Using an eye makeup primer will help the eyeshadow you use adhere much better to your eyelid and brow bone. In addition, using the right eye primer can help keep crease lines from forming. Crease lines are smudges of makeup that often appear where they’re not supposed to. They happen because the eye liner or eyeshadow on the lower lash line of your eye bleeds into other areas.

2. Eye Shadow

Eye shadow is essential when you want to look very done up, but you can use lighter colors of eyeshadow for an extremely feminine, downplayed look as well.

Because you’ll want to have a wide range of colors for your eye shadow, be sure to pick a large pallet so that you have many options. You can apply eyeshadow with your finger, a sponge or a brush. Make sure to purchase quality shadow pallet so that it lasts all throughout the day and night and won’t smudge.

3. Eye Liner

Eye liner comes in many different forms. You may choose from a pencil eyeliner, a tight eyeliner that goes on as a liquid but turns to a powder, liquid liner or shadow liner.

Most of the time, makeup experts agree that you should line the entirety of your top lash line with a brown or black eyeliner in any form. Lining the top lash line with a thin line that blends seamlessly into your lashes will make you look more feminine and put together. If you want a bolder look, smudge the eyeliner up into your eyelid, and add a little bit of extra color on the outside of the eyes as well. Some women like to create a cat eye effect by dragging a liquid liner that is usually black into a point at the outer edge of each eye.

4. Mascara

Mascara is definitely an essential for every woman's beauty bag. Most of the time, women use this product in black, but you will also be able to find this product in dark brown, blue and a range of other colors.

Mascara should always be the last thing you put on after you have done up your eyes. Keep in mind that you may want to curl your lashes if they're naturally straight before you put it on. In this case, you should get a quality eyelash curler, but always be careful not to bend and crimp your eyelashes too much or get too close to the baseline of your lashes.

5. False Lashes

The last thing that you may want to purchase for your makeup bag is a set of false lashes. When you want to look extra glamorous, false lashes will definitely do the trick. Along with the lashes themselves, you will need a quality lash glue and a pair of scissors. When you buy false lashes, they are usually too long for a normal woman’s eyes, so you'll want to trim off the ends.

As a final reminder, eye makeup gets pretty close to your actual eyeballs, so you need to keep everything hygienic. Re-purchase all eye makeup products you use at least once every three to nine months.

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