False Eyelashes

Temporary False Eyelashes

Temporary false eyelashes were designed for short-term wear. They were never intended for use when sleeping, bathing or while swimming. Each eyelash application consists of glue applied to the lash. The glued lash is then applied to the eyelid. Temporary false eyelash glue only is intended to last for one to two days. While this type of eyelash looks great, especially for special occasions, they do tend to come off the eyelid when worn for longer periods of time. Temporary false eyelashes' comfort level is fairly good. The short term enhancer for eyelashes works fine for special occasions and dressing up.

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Semi-Permanent False Eyelashes

Semi-permanent false eyelashes differ from temporary false eyelashes in that they are directly applied to the individual lashes to make them look longer. The process of placing these eyelash extenders on each eyelash is time-consuming but does have its benefits. Each eyelash application is done using an FDA approved, extremely strong bonding agent or adhesive. Lash extensions such as these are glued on using a variety cyanoacrylate. Methyl-2 cyanoacrylates are especially effect when bonding two different material surfaces together. They were never intended to touch skin, however.

The bonus of using semi-permanent eyelash extenders is that they can be worn for up to four weeks. They shed naturally as do real eyelashes, so they must be reapplied twice per month. Another benefit of using eyelash extenders is that they are waterproof, as are real eyelashes. They may be worn in the shower and used while swimming without losing the eyelash extension.

It takes up to two hours to have a technician apply a full set of eyelash extensions since most people have between 30-60 eyelashes. The number of eyelashes of an individual has and the eyelash technician's skill determines the length of the extension procedure.

Eyelash technicians go through a strenuous training program before they are certified to perform eyelash applications. The amount eyelash extensions cost depends on the salon; the adhesives used the skill level of the eyelash technician, and the material used. Mink eyelash extensions may be more expensive than other types of extensions.

Trends in False Eyelashes

Using false eyelashes is definitely on trend right now. Instead of only wearing artificial eyelashes on stage or for special occasions, they can be worn every day and not be considered to be too much. Here are some tips for getting eyelash extensions that every fashion-conscious person needs to know:

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