How Dry Shampoos Work

Dry Shampoo: What's the Secret?

Dry shampoo has been around for more than 40 years, but has only recently gained popularity. Dry shampoo was made to allow us to maintain our hair fresh and clean without water, but how does it work?

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How Does It Work?

Dry shampoos are either alcohol based or starch based. The alcohol or starch in dry shampoos soak up the excess oils in your hair, leaving your hair feeling clean and smelling fresh. Without completely stripping your scalp and hair from oils, dry shampoo is not drying like regular shampoos are. Your hair needs some oil to remain healthy.

How to Apply

Using dry shampoo is an easy process. Shake your dry shampoo and spray it about 6 inches away from your scalp. Not doing so will cause too much dry shampoo to build up on your scalp, making it harder to spread out through your hair. Depending on what dry shampoo you use, some might leave some white residue on your hair. The residue will go away once the product sets into your hair. If the residue hasn't gone away after a couple of minutes, thoroughly massage your scalp with your fingers to help the product completely set in. Another way you can avoid dry residue is by lifting the top layer of hair and spraying underneath. Doing so will hide the white residue and will add volume to your hair. If you have darker hair, hiding white residue can be more difficult. Luckily, companies have made tinted dry shampoos so that the product blends in with our hair color.

Alternative Uses

There are many different ways that dry shampoo is being used today. If your curls clump together, dry shampoo can help. The dry shampoo leaves your hair matte, making it harder for your curls to intertwine. If you want a voluminous look, flip your head upside down and spray dry shampoo onto your roots. Gravity will help increase the volume of your hair. Want more volume? After spraying the roots of your hair, finish by spraying some dry shampoo all over your hair. Since dry shampoo makes it harder for your hair to slide around, it is a perfect tool for locking up your backcombed hairdos. If your bobby pins keep sliding out of your hair, spray them with some dry shampoo to give them more grip. Do you want some hold, but don't want the stiff hold of hairspray? Then dry shampoo is a perfect alternative. Dry shampoo adds a subtle hold to your hair. Your hair will remain in place, but you can still run your hands through your hair. If you have bangs, you know that they tend to stick to the oil on your forehead. Try spraying some dry shampoo underneath your bangs so that the oil is absorbed before your hair has a chance to stick to it.

Now that you have learned the basics, its time to go test out some dry shampoo. There are so many types of dry shampoos and each one works on different types of hair. Find a brand you like that works with your hair type.

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