Nail Polish For Summer

Summer Colors that Nail It

The summer scene has approached, and it's once again time to transform both your bare hands and feet with just the right nail color to complement the season and your extremities. With every new sandal and clothing accessory under the sun making the fashion scene, there are colors galore coming out of the paint box to adorn your hands and tootsies.

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The unlimited choices are the key to what nail color to select, as any summer clothing or sandal ensemble can be enhanced with a saucy nail color that is just a tad different from last year's color batch. It seems that pigments from A-Z dominate both fashion and personal taste, so the choices are up for grabs for anyone wanting to make a style statement.

Prevalent summer color choices for hands and feet include upgraded pinkish reds to ocean blues finished off with a clear coat finish that enhances any nail color, plus color remains intact, whether for a couple of days or in between nail color changes. With the latest color advances, there is no shortage of options in the enamel department. Choices don't have to be limited to traditional hot pink, orange or red anymore.

You want to stray away from the predictable and practical, especially with summer holidays, vacations, pool parties and other activities that call for something out of the ordinary, and the latest round of nail color selections available can fill the bill.

There are a host of nail polish formulations today that include:

Colors that seem to predominate and gain recognition in the marketplace, particularly for summer use, include the best of the bright, neutrals and the ever present range of metallics that can turn a warm summer day hotter, such as:

Some of the latest approaches to summer nail looks include the use of in your face neons, cream-based pastels and classic nudes that are seen on runway models and in the supermarket. To give neon based polishes the punch they deserve, paint a white layer of nail polish before using the bright neon as the color will appear more infused with the two different layers.

Another summer fun look is gradient polishing, which is basically an ombre look that is a big part of nail art, which just about anyone, manicurist or not, can master with a little practice. French fades, glitter fades, vampy ombres, crystal embellishments, lattice overlays, tape and ombre, half moon ombre and a number of other ombre effects and combinations can adorn summer nails with just the right pizzazz. Your nails, whether on hand or foot, will exude fun and whimsy as well as draw attention at the beach, boardwalk, lake or other place of leisure.

Nail color, especially summer nail color, is in sync with the latest summer fashions, and the two go hand in hand. Nail color serves to enhance and enrich a summer fashion look in an individualized way. It's an accessory that will always be intertwined with fashion and is here to stay, no matter the season.

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