Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

5 Easy Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

Some people mistakenly think that hair loss is inevitable for everyone. Although the average person loses an estimated 200 hairs per day, the truth is that genes play a significant role in determining who will lose hair as we get older, and how much. However, there are several things you can do to keep hair healthy and minimize loss over time. The following tips are convenient and affordable, costing little to nothing, to help you maintain strong, vibrant locks.

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Everyone should eat a healthy diet to help maintain scalp and hair health. A well-balanced diet with a full range of foods from the five main groups can assist in providing valuable nutrients that support cellular health and effective circulation processes that provide hair follicles with adequate nutrition and blood flow. Too much junk food deprives hair follicles of important nutrients needed to survive and thrive.


Someone who maintains an active lifestyle may help to promote healthy hair. Physical activity promotes good circulation that carries nutrients to and wastes from cells throughout the body, including those in the scalp that nurture hair growth. As hair follicles reach their periodic growth phase every few months, they depend on the effective workings of the human body to avoid becoming stagnant or experiencing cell death. Moderate amounts of fresh air and sunshine contribute to overall physical health that includes hair regrowth to replenish hair that is lost during a normal shedding cycle.

Avoid Hair Damage

When hair is over-treated with harsh chemicals used in permanent waves, dying, straightening, and styling, it can become brittle and dry, breaking easily or falling out too readily. Just like other parts of the body, it is best to protect hair from overexposure to the sun, extremely hot or cold temperatures, and chlorinated or salt water. While these things are okay sometimes, they can take a toll on your hair with excessive exposure. Cover hair with a cap or scarf in bad weather outdoors.

Protect Hair

Hair that is well cared for is also more apt to grow in a normal, healthy manner rather than falling out too soon or too often. Some experts believe that daily shampooing actually does more harm than good. Every other day or twice weekly is often enough for many people. This allows the scalp's natural oils the chance to keep hair follicles moisture and somewhat protected against daily exposure to pollution and other elements.

Pamper Your Hair

Occasionally it may be a good idea to give your hair a special treatment, such as deep conditioning or a trim to remove dead ends. Consider using a natural shampoo and conditioner. Gently brush hair daily and massage the scalp lightly to promote circulation. Avoid restricting hair tightly with rubber bands or clips. Treat your hair as well as you do other parts of your exposed body, like skin surfaces.

Although it is easy to take hair for granted, it is important to take good care of it throughout each stage of life. Whether short or long, processed or natural, hair can be your shining glory for decades to come when you give it the thoughtful care it deserves.

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