Crohns Disease

Diagnosis and treatment of Crohns disease

Crohn's disease is an intestinal illness that causes ulcers to develop on intestine linings. The disease is described as chronic and inflammatory, meaning that the condition is long-term and is denoted by periods of flare-up and remission. It can also range in severity and frequency of outbreaks from person to person.

It is not known what actually causes Crohn's disease, but factors like bacterial infection are believed to be linked. There is also currently no known cure for the condition, but there are many treatment options that can help control it and help sufferers cope with outbreaks.

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Crohn's Disease Symptoms

Crohn's disease can present with similar symptoms to other bowel diseases, such as irritable bowel syndrome and colitis. Common symptoms include (but aren't limited to):

The exact symptoms experienced will depend on the exact condition as there are many different forms of Crohn's disease, such as Crohn's colitis and Crohn's enteritis. A doctor can give you a diagnosis of your particular type of Crohn's disease based on your symptoms and testing.

Crohn's Disease Treatment

Crohn's disease treatment generally involves a combination of medication and lifestyle changes. Medications used to treat Crohn's include steroids, antibiotics and immune-suppressants. A Crohn's disease diet will also be recommended.

Identifying and eliminating your trigger foods for Crohn's disease is the first step in your diet plan. Additionally, your diet should include lots of fluids, high-fiber foods and limited lactose and caffeine. High-fat foods are also off the list, while healthy oils such as fish oil and flax seed oil are recommended.

Part of treating Crohn's disease is learning as much as you can about the condition. Seeking out Crohn's disease information online or in books, asking your doctor for information and even joining a support group can all help you answer questions like "What is Crohn's disease?" and "How can I learn to live with it in my daily life?"

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