Preventing Neck Pain

5 Proven Ways to Prevent Neck Pain

Neck pain can be an even bigger problem than some people may realize. The daily discomfort can become a major source of frustration. Here are a few effective ways to prevent neck pain.

Sit upright

When working at their desk, some people have a tendency to lean their head forwards. Unfortunately, this sitting position can put extra stress on your neck. The best approach is to develop an upright posture. To prevent looking down at a computer screen, be sure to adjust your chair to the proper height.

Drink plenty of water

Many people underestimate the importance of drinking enough water. Dehydration can certainly contribute to neck pain. In fact, the amount of water that you consume has a direct impact on your spinal health. The discs that lie between the vertebrae are actually made primary of water. If your urine has turned dark yellow, this is a key sign that you are dehydrated.

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Get up and walk around

Never maintain the same sitting position for a long period of time. Your body will gradually become stiffer as time goes on. If you are traveling on a road trip, try to take several breaks throughout the journey. The same concept applies to working in an office setting. By walking around and doing a few stretching activities, you can help to prevent neck problems.

Exercise regularly

Exercising on a regular basis can have numerous health benefits. Your neck needs physical activity in order to remain pain-free. Simply walking around the local mall or park can have a positive impact. According to fitness experts, people should engage in a physical activity at least three times a week. Over time, the muscles in your neck will gradually become stronger.

Maintain a good sleeping position

Upon waking up in the morning, it is not uncommon for a person to experience severe neck pain. In most instances, this neck discomfort is the result of a bad sleeping position. Instead of sleeping on your stomach, try lying down on your back. The pillow can also impact your neck health. After your pillow loses its ability to provide enough support, promptly replace it with a new one.

While neck pain can be a nuisance, these five tips should help to prevent it. Like your heart and lungs, your spinal system also needs to be cared for each day.

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