Are Skin Tags Harmful?

Should I Be Worried About My Skin Tag?

One thing that can be unsettling to notice on your body is a skin tag. Skin tags are unpleasant looking. They also look abnormal. They can even be painful. However, is the presence of a skin tag actually something harmful?

What Are They?

Skin tags are little growths that appear on the skin. They commonly appear in places like under the arms, on the neck, or even on a person's crotch. They tend to appear near the parts of the skin that fold to touch other parts of the skin. Depending on the tag, it may hang from the skin or appear more flat.

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There isn't a single thing that can lead to the development of skin tags. However, common causes include weight gain associated with obesity and pregnancy. Certain people may have a genetic disposition towards developing skin tags. Even simple friction of the skin can overtime lead to the development of a tag. This most often occurs in parts of the body where skin is forced to repeatedly rub on skin.

Are They Dangerous?

Skin tags are usually harmless. The only scenario in which a skin tag can prove harmful is when it isn't actually a skin tag. This can be the case with a sudden growth on the skin that is actually cancer. It's good to know how to tell the difference.

Skin tags, however, can be quite annoying especially if they grow big enough. If one grows on the eyelid, for example, it could interfere with a person's ability to see. If continued rubbing occurs where a skin tag exists, it may also become agitated and result in some irritating pain. If a skin tag proves to be a nuisance, it should be removed.


Thankfully, removing skin tags isn't too difficult. However, it should only be done by a certified medical professional. If you try to remove one on your own, you may end up infecting the wound or causing an unsightly scar. Home remedies you have heard about should not be attempted. Professional treatment used to remove a skin tag may involve freezing it off, cutting it off or tying it off with a suture.


Most people, at some point, will probably develop a skin tag. This is especially the case for the elderly. They may be difficult to prevent. However, if a person stays consistently physically fit so that there is less overlap with the skin due to obesity, it is far less likely that skin tags will develop.

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