Non-Surgical Skin Treatments

Three Kinds of Non-Surgical Skin Treatments You Should Know About

Non-surgical skin treatments are one way people try to look younger without using invasive cosmetic surgery. However, there are so many different kinds of skin based therapies that the average consumer may be confused. It may not be clear what the actual benefits of many kinds of treatments actually are. To help, below is an overview of a few of the more popular non-surgical skin treatments used in the US.

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Filler injections are a very common kind of non-surgical skin treatment that is used primarily for cosmetic purposes. This kind of treatment can be used for things like removing wrinkles, making scars harder to see or giving the lips a fuller appearance. It does this by puffing up the skin around the injection point. Substances that may be injected for this purpose include hyaluronic acid, fat cells, calcium hydroxylapatite and biodegradable polymer. This kind of treatment should only be performed by a licensed dermatologist. The treatments are also rarely permanent.


Another common non-surgical treatment involves the use of lasers. There are a number of different kinds of laser that may be used including a carbon dioxide laser, pulsed dye laser or long pulsed laser. Cosmetic issues that may be treated with lasers include rosacea, warts, spider veins, scars, acne and body hair. The same laser treatments may also sometimes be used to treat much more serious ailments such as skin cancer growths. Using laser treatment early enough on skin cancer such as melanoma may even be able to save a person's life by stopping it from spreading to other parts of the body.


A third type of non-surgical skin treatment is the use of peels. In this context, peels are procedures used to improve the appearance of the face. This is a very popular form of spa treatment.

In some cases, the top layers of the skin may be removed. This is usually done through application of a chemical solution that contains substances like alphahydroxy acid or phenol. This version of the treatment can be used to remove age spots, lines in the skin, freckles and non-malignant growths. It must be applied carefully however. Not doing so could result in permanent damage. This is why it's probably a good idea to only seek this kind of treatment from a licensed dermatologist. Even still, there will probably be some risks. This can include permanent discoloration of the skin.

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