Removing Scars with Laser Treatments

Laser Scar Treatment Fundamentals

About Laser Scar Removal

If you have scars that you'd like to get rid of for good, then laser scar treatment may be a suitable option for you to consider. The benefits of this procedure are clear: dramatically diminished scar appearance. Some people who get laser scar treatment barely even have visible scarring anymore. People often get laser scar treatment because of scars that are negatively affecting their feelings of confidence and self-esteem.

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Stretch Marks and Laser Scar Removal

Laser treatment isn't only restricted to scarring that develops due to deep cuts on the skin, for example. Some people choose to get laser treatment for stretch marks, also known as striae, that pop up on the skin right after rapid growth spurts or pregnancy. If you have bright red and unsightly stretch marks located on your stomach, thighs, hips or anywhere else, laser treatment may be able to significantly reduce how noticeable they are.

Treatment Effectiveness

Laser treatment can often be highly successful in minimizing the look of scarring on the skin. Some people, however, may require multiple laser treatment appointments in order to get the results they desire. This depends on numerous factors, notably how severe the scarring is.

Laser Treatment Procedure

People who are scheduled for laser treatment procedures typically are advised to refrain from tanning or being out in the sun for a handful of days prior to their appointments. They're also typically advised to refrain from putting lotion or cosmetics onto the specific body parts that will be getting laser treatment. Laser treatment for scarring generally lasts for anywhere between 10 and 15 minutes. The designated treatment sections are coated with cooling gel. Once the cooling gel is in place, numerous pulses are transmitted to the skin.

Potential Treatment Risks

Laser treatments usually are highly safe procedures. That doesn't mean that occasional side effects aren't a possibility, however. People sometimes experience temporary swelling and redness after these laser procedures. Swelling and redness tend to disappear within a matter of mere days. Other potential side effects of laser treatments include sun sensitivity, brief periods of skin discoloration, crusting, burning and blistering. Although it isn't possible for people to develop allergic reactions to the actual laser beams that are used in these treatments, it is possible for them to sometimes develop allergic reactions to creams or medications that may have been applied onto the skin. This is uncommon, however.

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