Understanding Reproductive and Sexual Health

What You Need to Know about Reproductive and Sexual Health


It is important to have a working knowledge of how to maintain and improve your reproductive and sexual health. Men and women both need to know the basics about how to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases, infertility, and other major medical conditions. This knowledge is of great importance because it can significantly affect one's overall health and well-being.

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Sexual and Reproductive Health - What is it?

Reproductive and sexual health refers to any health issue(s) involving reproductive organs. It is also associated with the mental and emotional well-being of each individual. Safe sex with contraceptives, the avoidance of sexually transmitted diseases, and prenatal care all fall under this type of category. Reproductive and sexual health is most effective when individuals have easy access to affordable birth control. Many health insurance programs now include birth control coverage.

Tips for Success

There are several specific ways in which men and women can enhance their reproductive and sexual health. As with health in general, what you eat is very important. Individuals should eat fruit and vegetables on a daily basis, take vitamin supplements regularly, and avoid using drugs. Proper nutrition will help your sex organs function properly.

Individuals should also use birth control and/or contraceptives when engaging in sexual activity. They should also be tested at least once per year for STDs. If they test positive, they should inform all of their sexual partners immediately. Individuals should also educate themselves as much as possible about these health issues. They should inquire with a reputable health care provider their sexual health risks, contraceptive methods, and any other questions that they may have. Individuals should also check with their employers to determine if their health insurance covers sexual and/or reproductive needs. Easy access to contraceptives will make maintaining your sexual health much easier.


An individual who makes the effort to follow these tips will enhance their chances of having a safe and happy sex life and improve their chances of having healthy offspring. Their overall quality life will improve as well. If you are interested in learning additional information, please contact your health provider.

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