How Bones Change as You Age

Understanding How Bones Change as You Age Can Improve Your Health as a Senior

As people age they become candidates for bone loss, which can lead to a lot of pain and discomfort. Understanding what takes place to create conditions such as osteoporosis is the first step in combating these bone conditions.

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Why Bones Lose Density

As people age the different systems in their bodies begin to slow down. The brain no longer sends out the signals for repairing the cells that it once did. Hormones stop being produced at a regular rate, which also impacts the signals received by the cells. The cells themselves begin to deteriorate faster than they can be repaired. When the cells of the bones cannot repair themselves they create holes within the structure of the bone, which makes the bones brittle. This lack of structure within the bones is what causes the pain and discomfort of arthritis and osteoporosis. It also contributes to the ease at which bones can be broken at an older age.

Additional Factors that Impact Bone Health

Bones require certain nutrients in order to keep their cells healthy. Calcium and vitamin D are the two nutrients required for healthy bones. People who have not included enough calcium or vitamin D in their diet during their lifetime will be more susceptible to early deterioration of their bones. Since the absorption of nutrients is not as complete in older individuals it is helpful to take supplements containing the necessary nutrients for healthy bones.

Cigarette smoking also blocks the absorption of nutrients necessary for healthy bones. People who have smoked cigarettes regularly for a prolonged period of time will be more susceptible to bone problems when they get older. Unfortunately, there is no way to reverse damage done to create brittle bones, but supplements can often slow down further damage.

Healthy Living

The path to senior health starts with healthy living choices. Eating healthy provides the body with necessary nutrients. Exercise stimulates blood flow, which carries the nutrients to the cells within the body helping them stay healthy. Whether someone is young or old, making the choice to eat healthy and exercise regularly will definitely improve their chances of maintaining healthy bone cells.

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