Daily Vitamin Intake for Seniors

Vitamins Needed for Senior Vitality

As we get older, nutrition becomes more important. The vitamins in food can prevent many diseases, but many seniors are unaware of what vitamins are needed for senior health. This article will provide detailed information on the essential vitamins needed for vitality.

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How Vitamins Can Slow the Aging Process

Vitamins are needed to maintain a healthy metabolism and repair cell damage. Certain vitamins are a necessity for seniors with limited mobility. Since wheelchair bound seniors are at a higher risk for blood clotting, supplements are needed to increase blood circulation. Studies have shown vitamin K can reduce blood clots. Vitamins C, D and E are excellent at fighting free radicals associated with aging.

Vitamins Needed for an Energy Boost

Most seniors want to stay energetic. Along with exercise, vitamin B-12 can increase energy levels. Eye sight is also important. In addition to eating foods high in beta carotene, seniors should make sure vitamin A is included in their daily vitamin intake.

Vitamins Produced Within the Body

Some vitamins are naturally produced within the body. Vitamin D is produced when your skin absorbs sunlight. Besides slowing the aging process, vitamin D strengthens your immune system. It is also necessary for strong bones. Seniors who live in cold climates should take a vitamin D supplement every day. Vitamin K is also produced within the body. Along with preventing blood clots, vitamin K can lower your odds of developing Alzheimer's.

Other Supplements Necessary for Cognitive Functions

Several other vitamins can improve memory and reduce your risk of developing cancer. Gotu Kola can enhance memory. In nature, elephants consume large quantities of Gotu Kola. Ginkgo Biloba can increase the amount of oxygen in the brain. Scientists have also discovered Ginkgo Biloba can decrease the effects of Alzheimer's. Consuming green tea daily can lower your odds of developing cancer.

Eating plenty of leafy greens and brightly colored vegetables will also improve overall health. Consuming the minimum requirements specified for your gender and age may lessen the need for prescription medications. You should speak with your doctor before stopping any prescribed medications.

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