Managing Hearing and Vision Loss

Coping with Hearing and Vision Loss

There comes a time in many seniors' lives where they will suffer from hearing and vision loss. This can be a frustrating situation, especially for an elderly person who prefers an independent, active lifestyle. Fortunately, there are ways to make your life easier during this difficult time. Here are some tips for managing your hearing and vision loss.

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Vision loss is a common senior health problem, with millions of elderly people being affected each year. Decreased vision quality can be caused by diabetes, glaucoma, or many other diseases. If you've noticed that your vision has declined, be sure to consult your eye doctor immediately. He or she can recommend stronger glasses prescription, or arrange treatment for eye conditions.

In the home, there are a variety of ways to help manage your declining eyesight. You can install "talking" appliances, which include microwaves, alarm clocks, and more. Kitchen items can be labeled so that they're easy to identify. Book lovers can enjoy audiobooks, and active seniors can use public transportation as an alternative to driving.

The loss of hearing is another problem that often strikes the elderly. Your doctor may recommend hearing aids, which can significantly increase your hearing ability. Family members should do their best to minimize background noise when speaking with the elder, and speak at a normal tempo. Most of all be patient -- it's likely that the elderly family member is frustrated at this change, and needs support from his or her family.

Safety is one of the top priorities when it comes to coping with vision and hearing loss. Seniors living alone should make sure that all smoke detector batteries are fresh, and visual alarms can be installed if hearing is the primary concern. A family member should survey the home, making sure furniture is easily navigated, and that there is no fall hazards present. Even a wayward electrical cord or a half-open door can be a hazard for a senior. If you've moved an item, be sure to tell the senior where it is now located.

With patience and dedication, hearing and vision loss problems can be managed so that the senior can continue to enjoy his or her lifestyle.

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