Seniors and the Dangers of Injury

Help Seniors Avoid Common Injuries with These Simple Tips

It is an unfortunate fact that our risk of becoming injured goes up dramatically as we age. Seniors with balance, vision, and mobility issues are not as adept at avoiding dangers and the healing process takes much longer. This is why all seniors and their loved ones should keep these simple tips in mind to avoid common illnesses and injuries.

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Senior Health

Those that exercise as much as possible and enjoy a clean diet are not only going to reduce their risk of common medical problems such as heart disease, but they will also be able to recover much quicker after an accident such as falling. Family members should explore ways that their loved ones can safely exercise such as water aerobics, gardening, or walks during the evening. It is also important to make sure that they do not settle into the cycle of eating processed or unhealthy foods for every meal.

Making Their Home Safe

Any home with a senior resident should be as clutter-free and open as possible. Houses that are filled with toys and other belongings on the floor are a major risk for seniors and the likelihood of a serious injury will be much higher. If the home has shorter stairs, then it may be a good idea to install a ramp that will lower their chance of falling. It is also important to have as many handrails as possible around ramps, stairs, showers, beds, toilets, and anywhere else that they will be sitting or standing regularly.

Create a Support Team

One common risk that many seniors face is becoming injured and not being able to contact anyone. Family members and friends should schedule regular visits and teach the senior how to use a cellphone if possible. Specialists also suggest that seniors who are living alone get to know their neighbors and stay in contact with a group of friends so that they will have help whenever it is needed.

Recovering From an Injury

The recovery process for a senior is much different than a younger adult, and it is important that the elderly closely adhere to any instructions that are given to them by their doctor. Due to the fact that injuries such as broken bones heal slower, it might also be a good idea to have family members and friends stay with them during the day to prepare meals, run errands, and carry out chores.

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