Common Causes of Senior Falls

The Many Possible Reasons for Senior Falls

Falls occur for many reasons; they never just happen. Being aware of what causes them is a key factor in avoiding them. Falls in senior citizens should never be taken lightly; they are one of the most common causes of death in people over the age of 75. Discover all of the reasons that a senior citizen may fall, and use this information to prevent the devastating injury that happen when a senior citizen falls.

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Falls are more likely to occur the more medications an individual takes. The risk of falling increases substantially when an individual takes four or more prescription drugs. Over-the-counter medicines may also cause side effects such as dizziness, inner ear issues or confusion, which can cause falls. A doctor should be consulted if an individual suspects that a medication is causing unsteadiness or dizziness, and medications should never be changed without a doctor's direction.

Health Issues

Vision issues resulting from glaucoma, cataracts or another disorder can make it difficult for eyes to adjust between darkness and light, which can lead to falls. Numbness in the feet caused by various conditions can weaken perception of the environment, which can cause a misstep and fall. Blood pressure that drops quickly from illnesses such as diabetes, an infection or Parkinson's disease can cause dizziness that can cause a fall, and foot pain can also divert the focus on where a senior steps and cause a fall.

Changes in Senior Health

Muscles get weaker as a person ages. Weakened muscle strength reduces endurance and flexibility and will create a fall when it's coupled with reduced balance and a change in gait. It is also natural for reflexes to slow as an individual gets older, which makes it harder for a person to catch themselves when they fall.

When these factors are present along with unsafe elements in the environment, the risk of falls increases dramatically. Installing stair railings and grab bars in the bathroom is essential, removing loose rugs and clutter on the floor and stairs and avoiding carrying heavy or awkward things up or down the stairs will also reduce the risk of falls.

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