Lap Band Surgery

Information about lap band stomach surgery

Lap band surgery offers obese patients a safe, permanent weight-loss alternative. It involves the implantation of a prosthetic adjustable band that creates a ring around the upper stomach, separating your stomach into two separate pouches. After lap band stomach surgery, you will feel full after eating small amounts of food, since much of your stomach is closed off. As you digest the food, it will pass from your upper stomach pouch into your lower stomach at a controlled rate, which will also help you feel full for a longer period of time. The adjustable band itself is used to control the passageway between your upper and lower stomach.

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Lap band surgery results can be astounding; not only do patients lose weight, but they're also able to keep it off. However, the lap band procedure is not for everyone. You will have to discuss your candidacy with your doctor to determine whether or not you qualify.

Who Is a Candidate for a Gastric Lap Band?

You may be a good candidate for lap band surgeries if you:

Your doctor may advise against the surgery if you drink alcohol or have drug dependencies, if you suffer from ulcers or inflammation of the esophagus, or if you have heart disease, lung disease or an autoimmune disease. Pregnant women and people who have had previous stomach surgeries are also not good candidates for band surgery for weight loss.

Risks of Lap Band Surgery

General risks of surgery include internal bleeding, infection at the surgical site, blood clots and adverse or allergic reactions to anesthetics. If you are extremely obese, you face additional risks, largely because higher doses of anesthetic need to be administered. Other possible complications include esophagitis, chronic dehydration, stomach inflammation, and slippage or erosion of the lap band.

Remember that the cheapest lap band surgery is not necessarily the best option. To minimize your risks, you should have the procedure performed by an experienced surgeon who can demonstrate a high rate of patient satisfaction.

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